How to prepare for a Long Distance Move?
February 18, 2022

How to prepare for a Long Distance Move?

Moving is never simple, but you can get your family from point A to point B with minimal disruption with careful planning.
Whether you’re relocating across the country or just a few hundred miles, you’ll need some excellent long distance moving tips. With proper planning, you won’t skip a beat from the moment you learn you’re moving to the day your possessions are delivered.

Long Distance Moving Tips

For some moves, all you have to do is dump your possessions in the back of a truck and beat the road. But, a long distance move necessitates a great deal more preparation. The long distance moving tips listed below will help you remember everything you need to do ahead of time to ensure a smooth relocation.

  • Plan and Schedule

You’ll need to decide whether to relocate your possessions, family members, pets, and vehicles all at once or separately. Once your relocation has been confirmed, begin making a to-do list and a timeline, working backward from your preferred arrival date. Keep to-do lists, calendars, receipts, and estimations all in one place to stay organized.

  • Get multiple moving estimates

It would help if you did everything you could to discover the appropriate moving company because you’re moving such a long distance. Obtaining in-home estimates from different moving companies is essential for this procedure. Estimates should be scheduled two weeks before your move, but the earlier, the better. Remember to properly prepare your home for the in-home estimate so that the pricing estimate is as accurate as possible.

  • Assign a reputed moving company

Make sure you select the most reliable and reputed moving company possible after getting a few in-home estimates and comparing pricing. While price is important, keep in mind that the lowest option isn’t always the best. You don’t want to get caught up in a moving scam while you’re trying to relocate thousands of miles away.

  • Update important documents

However, things become much more difficult when planning a long distance move. When you change your address, you must update your information in many places. You may need to update your driver’s licence, registration, and other essential documents. Before you relocate, make sure to plan ahead of time and investigate what needs to be changed. This is critical advice for long distance travel that should not be missed.

  • Buy moving insurance

Make sure you know what your insurance covers and what it doesn’t, whether you have a few valuable possessions or a lot. Get down with your mover and find out what your home and auto insurance plans cover in terms of moving while planning a long distance move. Also, while most moving companies give a basic insurance policy, you may get a more comprehensive policy if you have a lot of expensive possessions.

  • Make a list of essential things to keep with you

Make a list of things you need to bring with you when you start packing. We recommend packing an open-first box with items you’ll need during your initial weeks. Don’t forget to carry luggage with toiletries, preferred apparel, and other personal things. Keep these items with you as you wait for the moving truck to arrive at your new house, and you’ll be much more comfortable.

  • Wrapping up

During this pandemic, there will very probably be additional guidelines to follow. Personal protection equipment will be required during the packing process and the long distance move. Ensure everyone in the family has masks, hand sanitizer, and gloves.  

Moving is stressful and hardly planned. This is why having a tactical plan and following the above tips can help you break down the seemingly daunting process of a long distance relocation into manageable pieces.

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