How to pack and load a baby grand piano the right way
July 15, 2022

How to pack and load a baby grand piano the right way

A piano requires extensive planning to move because of its size, fragility, and cost. Since moving a piano seems like a difficult task, most people opt to hire a professional mover.

However, depending on your manpower and moving budget, moving a piano is a task that is manageable with the right tools and patience.

Create a moving plan before you move your instrument, regardless of your choice of moving method.

Here are some tips to pack and move a baby grand piano.

Create a plan

It can be challenging to move even the smallest piano. The moving process will go more smoothly if you have a good plan for moving your furniture.

A supply list and the number of helpers you’ll require should be included in your plan.

Determine the size

What size truck you need and whether the piano will fit through doors will depend on the size of the instrument.

The dimensions of the piano, as well as the door frames, stairwells, and hallways it will be moving through, should all be measured.

Know about the path

Even if you are hiring movers, you should still make plans for how the instruments will leave your old house and enter your new one.

In some circumstances, you might need to take doors out from between their jambs to have more clearance.

Make sure there is enough space for movement if there are stairs involved. The piano must be moved up and down the stairs using a ramp that can support its weight.

Gather moving equipment

It’s time to gather your moving supplies now that you have a plan in place for your move. Tape and boxes aren’t enough to move a piano. You will require:

The furniture pads and moving blankets: These will safeguard your piano during transportation.

Step ramp: Whenever you carry the piano up or downstairs

Piano board /piano dollies: Depending on the type of piano you have, you’ll need a certain type.

Packing tape: It secures the piano’s pads and blankets.

Securing straps: They keep the instrument in position while being transported.

Moving Gloves: They provide additional grip and hand protection when moving the piano.

It’s time to move the piano now that you have everything you need and a well-thought-out plan. Examine the path you mapped out before moving the instrument.

Verify that it is open and that all doors are either wide open or not on their jambs. As you move the piano, place floor protection to prevent damage to your hardwood floor, carpet, or other types of flooring.

Lifting Techniques

An injury on moving day is the last thing you need. Even though a piano weighs a lot, using the right lifting techniques can help you prevent trouble:

  1. Maintain a broad base of support.
  2. Squat with your knees and hips bent only.
  3. Maintain proper posture.
  4. Lift slowly while keeping your hips and knees straight.
  5. Hold the load as close as you can to your body.
  6. Instead of twisting or turning your body, move your feet to make the turn.

Moving a Grand Piano

Moving a grand or baby grand piano requires a little more work. First, lower and fasten the piano’s top lid.

The piano pedals and legs should then be carefully disassembled and wrapped in moving blankets. The piano’s lid, keys, and sides should then be wrapped in moving blankets and taped shut.

With the assistance of your moving crew, lift the piano onto a piano skid once it has been shielded. Put straps on the skid to secure it, and then push the piano to the moving truck with assistance.

How to load a grand piano?

Due to its size, the piano should be among the first items loaded into the truck. Once it is in the truck, fasten it with tie-down straps so that it won’t move while being transported.


Not everyone should move pianos. Hire a professional piano mover if the idea of moving such a large piece of furniture stresses you out or if you lack the help to do it. Make sure the moving company you choose is licensed and insured before hiring them to move your piano or any other item, so you can relax knowing your piano is in safe hands.

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