Why Moving Costs are so high in 2022?


You’ve always known that moving costs more even in the best of times, but during this year, moving costs skyrocket, and you’ll spend even more money preparing for the move.

Worst of all?

Because of nationwide labour shortages in the manufacturing and relocation industries, the costs of hiring movers, buying packing supplies, and renting moving trucks are not only rising; they’re also becoming more difficult to come by.

There are a few reasons why moving costs are high this year.

Moving Supply Shortages

Because of the fierce competition among movers, finding and paying for moving truck rentals to pack and move your possessions will be the most difficult task.

Due to a lack of professional full-service moving companies, including packers, truck drivers, and movers, they’ve taken matters into their own hands.

If you’re moving during the busy season, you might have trouble finding packing supplies. Store shelves are running low on boxes, packing paper, and bubble cushioning due to a shortage of raw materials.

Increase in Gas price

If you’re wondering why moving costs are so high, one of the reasons is the increase in gas price.

Fuel prices have risen, forcing moving companies to raise their prices. When it comes to moving costs, fuel is a significant factor.

Lack of Manufacturing

COVID, on the other hand, has halted industrial production. Trucks and even packing supplies were backed up as a result of the incident.

Manufacturers raised their rates, which pushed up the cost of moving. The cost of packing supplies went up by about 5%, which was passed on to the customer.

Increasing Labour Cost

The overall labour market in the United States has shifted and changed as a result of work-from-home options and workers’ quality-of-life priorities.

Every industry has felt the effects of the labour shortage, from construction to real estate and relocation, and has passed on the cost increases to their customers. Most types of labour are more expensive to hire these days, assuming you can find moving companies with enough employees to assist you when you need it.

Storage Cost

Our way of life has changed as a result of the pandemic, necessitating more storage. A home office is required for remote work, and storage units are the perfect solution for storing furniture that didn’t make the redesign cut.

Similarly, those who need more space but can’t afford to buy a bigger house have used portable storage to get rid of their extra possessions.

But you’re aware of the supply and demand issues we’ve been discussing? The lack of new storage facility construction can be attributed to soaring demand, labour shortages, increased steel costs, and supply chain chokeholds, among other factors.


Many people are perplexed as to why moving expenses are so high. The bottom line is that as more people move, prices rise.

The supply and demand equation has shifted dramatically, making it more difficult to locate a reputable moving company. Take the time to find a reputable mover.