Tips for Long Distance Moving

Best Tips for Long Distance Moving in Summer 2022



Moving during the summer may look to be the busiest time of year.

There will be no snow, the kids will be out of school, and you will be excited to move into your new house.

However, moving in summer is not as simple as it appears. Moving companies are pretty busy, and the temperature is frequently blazing.

If your summer moving day is set in stone, use these summer moving tips to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

Start the move early in the day

Start your move early in the morning to beat the heat. During the summer, temperatures and humidity levels are at their lowest. You’ll hit the heat, but you’ll also beat the traffic if you get started early. Suppose you prefer not to move in the mornings. In that case, we recommend moving in the late afternoon or evening when temperatures are more relaxed.

Carry enough water

People who move in the summer are almost always thirsty. When it’s hot outside, it’s essential to stay hydrated. If you’re moving during these months, it’s even more critical. To keep from overheating, make sure you have a lot of water bottles with you when you move. It’s always good to have water bottles in your old and new homes.

Wear comfortable dress

It’s not the day to be fashionable on moving day. It’s also not the time to be uncomfortable. Wearing light, breathable clothing is essential when moving in summer. Forget about the hefty textiles and high heels. Lifting heavy boxes, going between, packing boxes driving long distances are all common aspects of moving. None of these activities can be done if you’re dressed in inconvenient and improper clothing.

Keep electronics cool

When packing and transporting electronics during the summer, use extra care. On a hot summer day, it’s all too simple for these things to become overheated and damaged. Electrical products often do not perform well in hot weather.

Pack your possessions separately and keep them in air-conditioned environments during the transfer to tip-top form. Electronics should be the last things loaded onto the vehicle, and the first things unloaded once you arrive. Pack them in a waterproof bin and baggies to avoid water damage from a summer rainfall.

Take care of kids and pets

No matter what type of move you’re contemplating, it may be stressful for everyone. Kids and pets are not exempt from both local and long-distance transfers. To get your children out of the way on the day of the move, arrange for them to spend time with a relative or attend a play date for a few hours.

This may also assist in alleviating some of the anxiety they may be experiencing when their toys and things are loaded. Significant changes on the horizon and the stress levels of those around them can be sensed by pets.

Carry a portable fan

One of the most crucial things you can do during a summer relocation is to have a portable fan to help you stay cool – especially if the air conditioning in your new place hasn’t been turned on. A fan should be placed near the house’s front door and where the movers will load and unload the truck.


Summer is an excellent season to relocate. The weather is usually reliable. Even though this year will bring new challenges, the summer moving tips above might help relieve a lot of stress. The most important thing to remember is to set aside some additional time and space for you.

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