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3 Best States in USA to Move Next Year


Our homes have taken on a vital role in our lives like never before. They are evolving into our places of employment, our children’s schools, and our safe havens that offer our families shelter, security, and insurance during the ongoing health crisis.

Moving to a new location is therefore not a decision that should be taken lightly. Numerous elements of your location can affect your fulfilment and happiness.

You’ve probably thought about many factors, including the job market, the average household income, the cost of living, the quality of life, your finances, etc., at some point when deciding where to relocate.


How to measure the ranking of a state?

In terms of healthcare, some states excel.

Some excel in education. Some are exceptional at both—or much more.

Thousands of data points are analyzed to determine how well each state is serving its citizens for the best state ranking in the U.S.

The metrics consider a state’s economy, roads, bridges, internet, and other infrastructure, public safety, the state government’s financial stability, and the opportunities it provides its residents in addition to health care and education.

Based on a survey of what matters most to people, some state measures were given more weight than others. The most important factors were health care and education.

Then comes the state infrastructure, economy, and opportunities for citizens. Following closely in weighting order were indicators of crime and corrections, financial stability, and a state’s natural environment.

The top three states in the United States of America to live in are listed below based on the ranking.

1.  Washington

The Evergreen State is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts thanks to its diverse geography, which includes mountains, deserts, rainforests, and a Pacific coastline. It offers the Olympic Mountains, Mount Rainier, one of the Lower 48’s highest peaks, and the San Juan Islands.

In addition to its natural beauty, Washington is known for being the birthplace of Starbucks coffee, The Boeing Company, and Microsoft Corp.

Due to its coastal location, Washington is a significant U.S. exporter, particularly in the area of transportation equipment.

Washington also contributes significantly to the nation’s food and agricultural industries, producing the majority of the country’s milk, potatoes, and cattle, as well as 70% of apples.

The aerospace industry contributes significantly to the state’s economy. The military and defence sector, which employs more than 127,000 active duty, reserve, guard, and civilian personnel, is the second-largest employer in Washington.

Other prosperous industries include those in technology, clean energy, and the maritime industry.

2.  Minnesota

Tense interactions between settlers and the Dakota over land treaties and unfair treatment by traders helped to show Minnesota as a state in 1858. Minnesota was the first state to offer its soldiers to the Union in the Civil War despite being the youngest state at the time.

The cold weather in Minnesota, the northernmost of the 48 contiguous states, is well known. Its residents experience an average winter temperature of 8 degrees Fahrenheit, and its northern region receives about 70 inches of snow each year.

The state’s chilly weather makes it a great place for winter sports like cross-country skiing and ice fishing, as well as contributing to the popularity of ice hockey there.

The state’s numerous waterways that empty into the Hudson Bay, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico are also well-known.

The non-profit Mayo Clinic, which operates hospitals and research facilities across the nation, is one of the top employers in the state. Its main office is in Rochester.

Manufacturing and retail are two additional important sectors in Minnesota, and these sectors are home to numerous Fortune 500 firms, such as UnitedHealth Group, Target, 3M, and General Mills.

3.  New Hampshire

Despite being one of the smallest states, New Hampshire has historically contributed significantly to the nation’s most important task: choosing the president. The top spot in the four-year presidential primary contest has been jealously guarded by the Granite State.

Even though New Hampshire’s actual influence is frequently overshadowed by its storied strength, the majority of primary winners since 2000 have lost their bids for the White House. This first-in-the-nation primary has started, saved, and ended political careers.

The state’s meagre 13 miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline barely scratches the surface of its natural beauty, which is more prominently displayed by its valleys, rivers, lakes, and mountains. The White Mountains’ highest peak, Mount Washington, rises to a height of 6,288 feet;

The most well-known inland resort in the region is Lake Winnipesaukee.

New Hampshire became a state in 1788, becoming the ninth of the original 13 colonies to ratify the U.S. Constitution.

Paper mills fed by the state’s forests and grain mills powered by its rivers once played a significant role in the state’s economy. In the 20th century, as millwork fell out of favor, New Hampshire briefly shifted to manufacturing.

Currently, the state’s economy is dominated by high-tech businesses and “smart manufacturing,” much of which is concentrated along the seacoast and in the Merrimack and Upper Valleys.


Everyone dreams of having access to affordable housing, employment opportunities, high-quality healthcare, outstanding schools, and a low cost of living.

It’s a good idea to look at your options and what you consider to be the ideal area when searching for the best place to live, whether you’re retiring, attending school, or looking for a new beginning.

You will need to make many decisions regarding where you might end up calling home because no one area can provide everything you need. It is up to you to choose wisely in light of all of this information.

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